Vita Sport (S12)

Mobility scooter

The Vita (S12) Sports is offered with luxury options. It combines LED light technology, a fully digital display, and a premium seat that will satisfy even the most demanding drivers. The Vita S12 Sport has a new frame that provides enough space to accommodate 100 amp batteries. The result: this scooter can cross more than 50km on a single charge. In addition, it is equipped with a larger engine, which gives it the necessary power for all uses.

Available colors


More distance per charge

The Vita Sport is a large mobility scooter designed for driving enthusiasts, as it can travel longer distances than the average mobility scooter. Ideal for customers who have lost their license, the Vita Sport offers a 50km distance per charge ratio thanks to its 100 AMPS battery capacity.

All about style

The uniquely stylish appearance of this mobility scooter is a game changer, with every design and comfort details brilliantly thought-out and beautifully brought together.

In action…

Technical Specifications

Battery range

Up to
50 km*


350 lb
160 kg


60" x 27.5"

Weight with battery

330 lbs
150 kg

Motor type

900W 4-Pole

Max speed

Up to
18 Km/h


Up to
100 Ah

Front wheels

13” x 4.8”

Rear wheels

14” x 6.3”

Charger type

8Amp off board 120/240 Volt, 50/60Hz

Turning radius

1270 mm

* Battery range depend (wind, weight of the user, slope, etc)