PT7 Royal 3

Mobility scooter

The PT7 R3 is a luxurious, large-format scooter with a digital display control panel, an automatic speed reduction system and a fully independent suspension system. Considered the safest scooter, it has unparalleled comfort and luxury.

Available colors


Premium comfort, speed and accessibility all in one

3 wheels means smaller turning radius, therefore this scooter allows for more accessibility. This model has the best independent adjustable suspension and has the highest maximum speed (18km/h) to get you where you need to go while enjoying the ride! This is the 3 wheels version of the highest Heartway class: Royale’s series.

Wide steering handle

The large steering handle enable the driver to have a better driving experience. Another noticeable feature is the signature LCD illuminated panel that you will find on all of our Royal collection models that showcase information such as such as clock, speed, distance made, temperature and more…

Technical Specifications

Battery range

Up to
40 km*


450 lb
250 kg


62” x 29”

Weight with battery

337 lbs
153 kg

Motor type

4000rpm 1300W 21:1

Max speed

Up to
18 Km/h


Up to
80 Ah

Front wheels

16” x 4”

Rear wheels

16” x 4”

Charger type

8Amp independent

Turning radius

1260 mm

* Battery range depend (wind, weight of the user, slope, etc)